What’s the story? What’s my story?

For a while now I’ve been writing but the question what my story is to tell is, has never gotten the answer it deserved. In the past I decided to write about fashion, food and other lifestyle aspects. But I’ve learned that those topics aren’t the real story worth telling. They are fun and are an outlet of my creativity. But they are not my story!

Day in, day out I think about which story brands should tell. As Content and Community manager that’s the main question, everyday! What story should we tell to young parents and how can we offer them valuable information? And how do we entertain them? What should be the story behind a beer brand? How does that translate on Social Media? How do people get inspired for their next holiday destination? These are some of the questions that passed by this week. When I was looking up certain things, that one thought sneaked up on me. What’s my story? I couldn’t answer it.

I’ve discovered Gary Vaynerchuk and his YouTube channel. I’ve been hooked on it. As he’s THE Social Media guru I immediately ordered his book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” online. But it’s his story and his view on life that really makes him interesting. He started as a wine seller and build an empire counting multiple marketing agencies. His DailyVee videos are the perfect motivational kick in the ass I needed. My ambitious self did a little happy dance. Cause he actually got me out of my rut and remembered me I’m only 25 and just need to work and, how he likes to call it, hustle for everything I want to achieve. (and that’s quite a lot 😉 )

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook - Gary Vee

So I think it’s not a bad idea to use this platform not only for fluffy, fun lifestyle posts but also for raw, true, honest life posts. The way to achieve your goals is not an easy road, not at all. The idea is to document it all here, every part of it. Cause that’s the story, my story!

What are your challenges for the moment? Would love the hear your experiences.



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