the cute dress

Last week, I was in Hasselt with my mum when we ran into this super cute concept store “Fashion Bar“. It’s that kinda of ‘eat and shop’ places. And they have the most unique and beautiful brands. I bought among other things this pretty dress from Elevenparis.

When I tried it on my mum said it reminded her of dresses I wore when I was little. I knew she meant it in a good way but it kinda also didn’t sound too positive. However for me, it reminded me of a lot of cute outfits I saw on Instagram and Pinterest. For example, the outfits that Moderosa wears. She’s definitely one of my favourite Instagrammers. I love how she makes every outfit her own and how she makes really cute soft fabrics and outfits into something cool and edgy.

Cool and edgy, is not the way I would subscribe my style. But I did wanted to make this dress a bit less girly. So I grabbed my favourite nude ankle boots from my closet and put on some big earrings. My black and gold little purse just adds the finishing touch. A perfect outfit for those colder Summer days or in the Fall. And still fitting my way of dressing. 😉 the cute dress Dress ElevenParis - Bag Uterque Dress ElevenParis - Bag Uterque

Dress – Elevenparis @ Fashion Bar Hasselt

Ankle Boots – 123

Earrings – H&M

Rings – And Other Stories

Bag – Uterque

How do you like the outfit?


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